The International Scientific Symposium "The Progress in Manufacturing and Machine Designing”  is a cyclic scientific conference, organized every two years starting from 2005. ISS is organized by the Research Circle for the Basics of Production Engineering , working at the Department of Production Engineering, which is a subunit of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Lublin University of Technology. ISS is co-organized by the Research Circle for Polymer Processing, working at the Department of Technology and Polymer Processing, which is also a subunit of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Lublin University of Technology. The conference is under the patronage of the authorities of the Lublin University of Technology, Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians and Lublin branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


The main aim of the International Scientific Symposium "The Progress in Manufacturing and Machine Designing” is the exchange of the latest developments, informations and experiences in the research work of young scientists, doctoral students and members of research circles in the field of manufacturing and machine designing.


The Symposium subject includes issues related to the mechanics of machining process (both metals and non-metallic materials), production of machine parts made out of plastics, shaping elements during forming process and the use of modern manufacturing techniques, including incremental technology. In addition, the SYMPOSIUM subject covers issues related to the applications of modern solutions in Polish and World’s academic institutions, research and development centers and industry, such as computer-aided engineering (CAE), design (CAD) manufacturing (CAM), modern measurement techniques, numerical methods and artificial intelligence. An important area of interest presented during the Symposium is widely understood application of theoretical knowledge in engineering practice. This is particularly important due to current development trends of manufacturing techniques related to normalization and standardization. The SYMPOSIUM organized by the Lublin University of Technology allows for substantive discussion on the current progress in manufacturing techniques and needs for methods and means of production. A significant role of the SYMPOSIUM is the presentation, analysis and discussion of trends and scope of the research work carried out by young researchers, doctoral students and post-graduate students and members of research circles involved in the activities of student research, both at home and abroad. Latest experimental research and computer modeling results, presented in subsequent editions of ISS, have been obtained through the use of variety of computational methods and contribute to the broadening and development of many science fields, mainly in the area of engineering sciences.


The papers submitted  to the SYMPOSIUM, written in Polish or English, providing research results on the subjects related to the SYMPOSIUM, after being revised by members of international Scientific Committee, are published in journals listed on lists A and B of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and also as chapters in scientific monographs.


All interested are welcome to participate in the following editions of our SYMPOSIUM. We look forward to the presentation of research papers representing a summary of the doctoral dissertations, works  carries out under the research projects and grants, results of research conducted in cooperation with industry institutions, as well as works which are the result of research circles activities. Periodically organized meetings of academic and industry  representatives of different backgrounds, during the International Scientific Symposium, led to the establishment of new contacts, strengthened existing friendships, tied up long-term friendships, allowed to exchange experiences and commenced a fruitful cooperation between Polish and foreign research centers. With over a dozen years of history of ISS, we can say that people who had already taken part in the SYMPOSIUM will be happy to come to us again, and those who will visit us for the first time will be welcomed with kindness in the spirit of academic traditions.


Organizing Committee of ISS